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 Calling all plein-air painters!

 FSG Plein-Air group starts 17 June.

  • Choose your own venue and subject to paint.

  • Choose you own day and time to paint.

  • Meet at the gallery saturday morning @ 10:00am with your work for a critique and a vote for best painting. Everyone gets to vote.

  • A group photo with your paintings will be taken at 11:00am or sooner, which will will then be uploaded onto the FSG website.  

  • Best painting will be displayed in the gallery window and featured on the gallery website.  The winners paintings that feature Sunderland will have entry to our I LOVE SUNDERLAND exhibition from 3 Oct-2 Nov. if they are still available.

So, you begin by going out to paint from 17th june and will meet on Saturday 22nd June 10:00am prompt at Frederick Street Gallery. We'll meet every Saturday throughout the rest of June, July and August...even September!

Cost:  £1, which will go into the pot, and best painting of the week will receive the pot money.

Rules:  no negative criticism or swearing.

NOTE: If the weather is good, we could all meet at the fountains in Sunniside to display our work, vote and have the photo taken.  What do you think? What would you prefer?

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