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About me...

Teaching art for over 25 years I found I had neglected my own practice, sublimating my artistic drive into student exam success. However, I am not that altruistic, so I started drawing and painting again. Firstly, I wanted my work to be joyous as I needed to re-energize and ‘kickstart’ my practice, I found what I needed in Neo-Pop and Pop Surrealism. I still teach, but now I would say I am an artist that also teaches, a subtle but profound shift. 

Obviously influenced by Pop Art / Neo-Pop I find joy in crowded imagery as metaphor for media saturation and my own conceptual confusion. Joy is created in the dialogue between the audience and artist- sharing references, meaning and confusion. My work grows organically as ideas develop and explores the construction of the self, our social relationships, the structure of memories and expectations (hopes and dreams), political and shared cultural histories. 


By sourcing imagery from pop culture, I hope to reflect upon the nature of the constructed self, its evolving relationships, and forged connections. In the end, the paintings are the remnants and evidence of the cognitive, problem-solving nature of painting and the human experience, or at least my experience.