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Resident Artist Spaces available...

We are offering dedicated fully inclusive work spaces for artists and creators at both of our galleries from £40 to £60pm. which also includes regular exhibitions and an e-commerce web page.

Please email us if you are Interested.


PAINT IN OUR ART GALLERY IN THE BRIDGES FOR A DAY OR WEEKEND... for artists who only have time to paint one day a week or weekends...why not take advantage of our £12 day rate (Free on Sunday)  Easels, tables, work areas provided...just turn up with your paints and brushes. You can choose what day you come in.

OR...for artists who have very limited time...PAINT OR CREATE FOR FREE AT OUR BRIDGES GALLERY (2HR SLOTS) AND FREE SUNDAYS 11-5pm. Interested!  Call me!

Applicants must be able to interact with the public and be willing to answer questions about their work. Book your space now

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