Woz Oliver artworks

About Me..

Although showing signs of artistic talent at a very early age, I failed art at school and, after leaving,I traded fine arts with martial arts; forging a successful career as a trainer to champions in both local and international level Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

My love of art remained, however and, being motivated once again by my childhood comic-book heroes, I began honing my drawing skills and technical abilities.


I seriously began painting in 2013, and my first group exhibition, inspired by hyperrealism, was with thirteen other hand-picked artists for the Gerry Laffy Art Collective in 2019…first in Dover, then at the famous Lauderdale House in Highgate, London. This was swiftly followed by being included amongst such world-acclaimed greats as Mason Storm, Banksy, Gerry Laffy and Tim Fowler at The Reload Gallery group show in London 2019.


Not a bad start for someone who failed art at school. Perhaps it’s all about being self-taught as opposed to someone trying to teach me.

It’s with considerable pride that I have my first solo exhibition in 2020 entitled “Heroes & Villains” at Frederick Street Gallery in Sunderland…my hometown.

The exhibition is open to the public from 2nd Dec. and showcases the paintings highlighted in the above online gallery.