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We love to see new work! 

Please send images after reading the  artist's agreement below.


The artist agrees to leave work with Frederick Street Gallery (as detailed on a separate delivery note) on the following terms:


1. The work will be left with FSG during the period stated for the purposes of sale and thereafter will be removed by the artist. Hanging of artwork for exhibition purposes will be carried out by FSG without charge but may not include all artwork delivered if space becomes an issue. All artwork should have hanging wire or cord in place and ready to hang. Picture hooks are provided without charge by FSG.

It is understood that all artwork that is hung, will remain in place for the period stated.


2. Commission rates. During the period of the exhibition, Frederick Street Gallery will be the sole selling agent of the artwork both physically and online and are entitled to be paid a commission of 20% of all work sold. The commission will be deducted from the retail price and the remaining balance will be forwarded to the artist one calendar month from the end of the month that the sale has occurred. When the work is released to the artist, this contract will be terminated. The condition of the works being returned should be the same as when they were delivered. Sold artwork will be adequately packaged by FSG when collected by the purchaser.


3. The title to the work remains with the artist until all monies owing under the agreement are received at which time the ownership passes to the purchaser. The gallery is not entitled to assert or make claim or right or any possessory liens against the work for any cause whatsoever. 


4. If at the conclusion of the exhibition artwork remains unsold, the artist has the responsibility to collect unless prior arrangements have been agreed. If any work remains uncollected for more than Four Weeks without prior agreement Frederick Street Gallery will have the right of ownership. Any proceeds gained by the sale of the artwork will become the property of Frederick Street Gallery to be used at their discretion.


5. Frederick Street Gallery does not accept liability for damage, loss, or theft of work while it is in the care of the gallery save for when that loss occurs as the result of a burglary (where the property has been forcibly entered / broken into) or as the result of fire. We accept liability for losses (as specified above) to the extent of 50% of the retail value of the goods as specified on agreed contractual and in date documents. We would therefore encourage you to insure your own goods whilst in transit and on exhibition. FSG shall inform the artist immediately should any loss or damage occur and agrees not to make any repairs without the consent of the artist.


6. FSG acknowledges the artist’s right to be identified as the author of the work and is fully aware of the Copyright Law and agrees not to allow artwork belonging to the artist to be used in any way…including promotional purposes, without the artist’s express permission.


7. Frederick Street Gallery has the sole right to decide whether to accept and exhibit artwork on the grounds of what they deem is an acceptable standard of presentation. Paintings on canvas can be hung without frames, but must have 'D'rings and nylon cord ready for hanging. Badly framed artwork will not be considered. String, parcel tape, sellotape or baling twine will be immediately rejected, as will any cheap photo frames with plastic instead of glass. This is a gallery, and if you try and submit work that is badly presented, it will certainly be rejected.  So please use 'D' rings and new nylon cord along with good quality brown masking tape. Yellowing mount cores and dirt between the glass and mount will also be rejected as it will be considered an insult to try and pass on to the buying public. Up your game folks! If it's dirty with chips or dents on the frame as well as smears on the glass, it will sound alarm bells in the selection process. Be proud of your work and the way it's presented.

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