robert andler-lipski artworks

About Me..

I am a Sunderland  based visual artist and designer, experimenting with a wide range of materials and mediums. My artworks seamlessly blend figurative subjects with abstract forms, as complexity and apparent chaos simultaneously coexist with harmony and simplicity.


My individual style is sometimes characterized as a mixture of neo-Fauvism, neo-Expressionism and Abstrac, although, in my opinion there isn't any particular style or artistic trend that could be applied or would relate to my creativity.


I was born in Poland in 1968. Studied Methodology of Arts and Philosophy, completed Artistic Tapestry Weaving (Poland) and Artistic Mosaic (Italy).

My artistic career began in late 80's working as a fine art teacher, journalist, graphic designer and creative consultant.


Poetry, elusive emotions, impressions and the beauty of the human form are what inspires me above all else.


My work can be found in private and institutional collections worldwide (e.g. UK, Canada, US, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Russia).


I am a member of the International Society of Assemblage & Collage Artists (US) as well as an author of three poetry books and a number of artistic publications.

My current solo exhibition "For Your Eyes Only" is showing at Frederick Street Gallery in The Bridges, Sunderland and, although subject to lockdown restrictions, the work is shown online in the above gallery.